this blog was birthed after the blogger realizing that she read more books during the summer following college than she did during her entire four years as an undergraduate university student. bri made a goal to amp up her reading to 52 books during the 52 weeks of 2015. this blog recorded her progress as she successfully tackled that goal. she has subsequently scaled back her annual goal to balance other interests. she read 32 books in 2016 and is aiming to publish 20 book reviews in 2017.

you can follow this blog on twitter @girlbookblog or bri on goodreads @telescoptical and instagram @babybriknits. she can also be reached at girlwithabookblog[at]gmail[dot]com. if you would like bri to review a book, please read her review policy.

the list below includes all of the reviews posted on this blog, but not every book I have actually read since I’ve launched this blog. I’ve taken a few hiatuses from blogging here and there, which accounts for the difference between reviews posted and books read. you can also find a list of book events that I’ve attended and written about at the bottom of this page.

lists of top reads:

list of reviews:


103. fangirl by rainbow rowell (format: ebook) ★★★.5

102. crux: a cross-border memoir by jean guerrero (format: ebook; ARC provided by publisher via netgalley) ★★★★

101. catalina and the king’s wall by patty costello (format: ebook;  provided by the author) ★★★

100. call me by your name by andré aciman (format: paperback) ★★★

99. play with me! by michelle lee (format: hardcover) ★★★

98. little fires everywhere by celeste ng (format: hardcover) ★★★★★

97. emergency contact by mary h. k. choi (format: hardcover) ★★★★★

96. i can’t date jesus: love, sex, family, race, and other reasons i’ve put my faith in beyoncé by michael arceneaux (format: ebook; ARC provided by publisher via netgalley) ★★★★

95. the wedding date by jasmine guillory (format: paperback) ★★★★

94. eat up: food, appetite and eating what you want by ruby tandoh (format: hardcover) ★★★★

93. chemistry by weike wang (format: hardcover) ★★★★

92. one day we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter by scaachi koul (format: paperback) ★★★★

91. legendary by stephanie garber (format: ebook; ARC provided by publisher via netgalley) ★★★.5

90. all the single ladies by rebecca traister (format: hardcover) ★★★★★

89. i’ve got this round by mamrie hart (format: ebook; ARC provided by publisher via netgalley) ★★★★

88. we are never meeting in real life by samantha irby (format: paperback) ★★★★★

87. the duff by kody keplinger (format: paperback) ★★

86. the sky is everywhere by jandy nelson (format: paperback) ★★★★

85. you can’t touch my hair by phoebe robinson (format: audiobook) ★★★.5


84. turtles all the way down by john green (format: hardcover) ★★★★★

83. the hate u give by angie thomas (format: audibook) ★★★★★

82. let the great world spin by colum mccann (format: paperback) ★★★

81. take me with you by andrea gibson (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★★

80. text me when you get home: the evolution and triumph of modern female friendship by kayleen schaefer (format: ebook; ARC provided by publisher via netgalley) ★★★

79. salt is for curing by sonya vatomsky (format: paperback) ★★★★

78. the miserable mill by lemony snicket (format: hardcover) ★★★★

77. educated by tara westover (format: ebook; ARC provided by publisher via netgalley) ★★★★★

76. i hate everyone, but you by gaby dunn & allison raskin (format: hardcover) ★★

75. the pisces by melissa broder (format: ebook; ARC provided by publisher via netgalley) ★★★

74. patsy walker, a.k.a. hellcat!, volume 1: hooked on a feline by kate leth (format: paperback) ★★★★

73. caraval by stephanie garber (format: paperback) ★★★

72. hunger: a memoir of (my) body by roxane gay (format: hardcover) ★★★★

71. comics for a strange world by reza farazmand (format: ebook; ARC provided by publisher via netgalley) ★★★

70. evicted by matthew desmond (format: paperback; provided by publisher via blogging for books★★★★★

69. vow of celibacy by erin judge (format: paperback) ★★★★★

68. the bad seed by jory john (format: hardcover) ★★★★★

67. manhattan beach by jennifer egan (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★

66. we were eight years in power by ta-nehisi coates (format: ebook; ARC provided by publisher via netgalley) ★★★★

65. squirrel seeks chipmunk by david sedaris (format: hardcover) ★★

64. last night in montreal by emily st. john mandel (format: paperback) ★★★★

63. norwegian wood by haruki murakami (format: paperback) ★★★

62. how to behave in a crowd by camille bordas (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★★

61. not quite a genius by nate dern (format: ebook; ARC provided by publisher via netgalley) ★★★★

60. we are okay by nina lacour (format: hardcover) ★★★★

59. landline by rainbow rowell (format: hardcover) ★★★

58. how to fall in love with anyone by mandy lee catron (format: hardcover; provided by publisher) ★★★★★

57. horseradish by lemony snicket (format: hardcover) ★★★★★

56. dear ijeawele, or a feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions by chimamanda ngozi adichie (format: hardcover) ★★★★

55. how to be a person in the world by heather havrilesky (format: hardcover) ★★★

54. the last girlfriend on earth by simon rich (format: hardcover) ★★★★

53. the wide window by lemony snicket (format: hardcover) ★★★

52. core knowledge and conceptual change edited by david barner and andrew scott baron (format: hardcover) ★★★★

51. too fat, too slutty, too loud: the rise and reign of the unruly woman by anne helen petersen (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★★

50. do what you want by ruby tandoh and leah pritchard (format: zine) ★★★★

49. chilling adventures of sabrina, volume 1: the crucible by roberto aguirre-sacasa (format: comic book) ★★★★

48. [the best of] dear coquette: shady advice from a raging bitch who has no business answering any of these questions by anonymous (format: hardcover) ★★★

47. i’m just a person by tig notaro (format: hardcover) ★★★★★

46. afterlife with archie, volume 1: escape from riverdale by roberto aguirre-sacasa (format: comic book) ★★★

45. i know what i’m doing by jen kirkman (format: hardcover; provided by publisher) ★★★★

44. a million junes by emily henry (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★★★

43. chuck klosterman x by chuck klosterman (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★★

42. silver linings playbook by matthew quick (format: paperback) ★★★★

41. big little lies by lianne moriarty (format: paperback) ★★★★★

40. scrappy little nobody by anna kendrick (format: audiobook) ★★★

39. the reptile room by lemony snicket (format: hardcover) ★★★★

38. once upon a marigold by jean ferris (format: paperback) ★★★★

37. hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis by j. d. vance (format: hardcover) ★★★★★

36. the bell jar by sylvia plath (format: paperback) ★★★★★

35. salt. by nayyirah waheed (format: paperback) ★★★★★


34. sick in the head: conversations about life and comedy by judd apatow (format: hardcover) ★★★★

33. between the world and me by ta-nehisi coates (format: audiobook) ★★★★★

32. the girl on the train by paula hawkins (format: hardcover) ★★★

31. are you my mother? by alison bechdel (format: paperback) ★★★★★


30. tap, click, read: growing readers in a world of screens by lisa guernsey and michael h. levine (format: paperback) ★★★★

29. an ember in the ashes by sabaa tahir (format: audiobook) ★★★★★

28. my brilliant friend by elena ferrante (format: audiobook) ★★★★

27. learning how to improve: how america’s schools can get better at getting better by anthony s. bryk, louis m. gomez, alicia grunow, & paul g. lemahieu (format: paperback) ★★★★

26. fun home: a family tragicomic by alison bechdel (format: graphic novel) ★★★★

25. don’t fail me now by una lamarche (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★★★

24. i don’t know what you know me from: confessions of a co-star by judy greer (format: audiobook) ★★★★

23. ready player one by ernest cline (format: audiobook) ★★★★★

22. bright lines by tanwi nandini islam (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★★★

21. the circle by dave eggers (format: audiobook) ★★★

20. beyond belief: my secret life inside scientology and my harrowing escape by jenna miscavige hill and lisa pulitzer (format: audiobook) ★★★★

19. modern romance by aziz ansari and eric klinenberg (format: hardcover) ★★★

18. undocumented: a dominican boy’s odyssey from a homeless shelter to the ivy league by dan-el padilla peralta (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★★

17. where’d you go, bernadette? by maria semple (format: audiobook) ★★★

16. forgotten country by catherine chung (format: audiobook) ★★★.5

15. stardust by neil gaiman (format: audiobook) ★★★★

14. local girls by caroline zancan (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★★

13. our kids: the american dream in crisis by robert d. putnam (format: hardcover) ★★★

12. the marriage plot by jeffrey eugenides (format: audiobook) ★★★★

11. we were liars by e. lockhart (format: audiobook) ★★★

10. dad is fat by jim gaffigan (format audiobook) ★★★★

9. peter pan by j. m. barrie (format audiobook) ★★★★

8. a field guide to awkward silences by alexandra petri (format: ebook; ARC penguin’s first to read program) ★★★

7. anna and the french kiss by stephanie perkins (format: audiobook) ★★★

6. fresh off the boat: a memoir by eddie huang (format: audiobook) ★★★★

5. the curious incident of the dog in the night-time by mark haddon (format: paperback) ★★★★★

4. lord of the flies by william golding (format: audiobook) ★★★

3. the short and tragic life of robert peace: a brilliant young man who left newark for the ivy league by jeff hobbs (format: hardcover) ★★★★★

2. yes means yes!: visions of female sexual power and a world without rape by jaclyn friedman & jessica valenti (format: paperback) ★★★★★

1. the harry potter series by j. k. rowling (format: audiobook) ★★★★★

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