Mini Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

girlonthetrainI’ve decided to start posting mini reviews of books that I read, but don’t desire to write a full fledged review of on my blog. As I mentioned in my 2016 Book Goals post, I’m hoping to post 26 full reviews on my site this year — half of the goal that I aimed for in 2015. This is in part so I can focus on other projects (like my podcast!) and because while I might be able to read 52 books in one year, writing reviews of 52 books was an insurmountable mountain for me. Thus, I’m going to start posting mini reviews on my blog to balance the lengthier 26 reviews I’m aiming to post this year. The shorter reviews will either be dedicated to books that I felt ambivalent about while reading (aka I didn’t necessarily love or hate the book) or books that are wildly popular (like this review) and you a) have likely already read it or b) have decided whether or not you’re going to read it already. So without further adieu, here is my very first mini review of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. 

I give this book 3.5/5 stars. This book was an extremely quick read and was very easy to jump back into after putting it down, no matter what’s going on around you aka this is a good book to read on a train! It was a decent thriller that I didn’t figure out until right before the big reveal… but I also wasn’t super curious to find out what the big reveal actually was. Was the book engaging while it was in my hands? Yes. Was it dominating my thoughts whenever I wasn’t reading it as I want mysteries to do? No. Will I remember the details of this book two months from now? Probably not.

I’ve never seen a title on GoodReads be reviewed by so many of my friends, aside from the Harry Potter series maybe, so obviously there’s something in this book that captivates a large number of people (side note: this article detailing the book’s wild success on GoodReads is worth a read of its own). I bumped it up on my To-Read list because of a strong-sell from a friend and because a promo photo of Emily Blunt starring in the film version was released. This book will be talked about a lot so I’m happy to have read it so I can participate in discussions with peers, but overall, I kind of wish this girl (me) had picked a different book to read on the train.

Publication Date: 13 January 2015 by Riverhead Books. Format: Hardcover.

Author: Paula Hawkins web/@twitter/facebook

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